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Stop Easton Park


By Stop Easton park
Friday, May 10, 2019


In brief, the plan was submitted to central government by Uttlesford District Council in January. Two independent inspectors were appointed in February to review the plan and in April they issued a timetable for the examination in public or the hearings which are scheduled to start on 2 July for three days with another three days starting on 16 July.

Full details can be found on 

Meantime, the recent local elections have resulted in a fundamental change at UDC with R4U taking control winning 26 of the 39 seats.

However, though R4U have a fundamentally different approach to resolving the housing needs of the District, they are limited by the fact that the plan was submitted in January so triggering a legal process, the third and last stage of a process that started two years ago.

The defence of Easton Park will be led by Great Dunmow Town Council and its advisers supported by The Little Easton Parish Council and Stop Easton Park all of which will be represented at the hearings.

This time we do not need you to write but we do need your help for our two key initiatives.

First, we are seeking to raise £25,000 to contribute towards the costs of the advisers required to make our case. Since this appeal was launched on 26 April, over 50% of the target has been raised. A fantastic result but we all know that it is the second half that is the most difficult. So please give generously and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same. Donations can be made through JustGiving on

Secondly, it is important that the Inspectors are made aware of the level of general concern which is best done by placing as many placards and banners as possible in strategic places such as your gardens. We have a supply of placards available through our email.

Finally, SEP remains confident of its position in opposing Easton Park for 10,000 house and as time has passed, so our confidence has built. We can win and preserve this ancient deer park for those who will follow us.


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