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Stop Easton Park

REG 18

By Stop Easton Park
Monday, September 4, 2017

STOP EASTON PARK - Reg 18 Submission

Stop Easton Park (SEP) is a residents’ action group formed to support Little Easton Parish Council (LEPC) in its opposition to the inclusion of Easton Park in the draft Local Plan (the Plan) issued by Uttlesford District Council (UDC) on 12 July 2017.

SEP reflects the view of over 350 parties that are currently on its mailing list. This comprises a high proportion of the residents of Little Easton and a significant and growing number of residents from Great Dunmow and neighbouring villages.

SEP confirms its opposition to the inclusion of Easton Park in the Plan and its support for all aspects of the LEPC submission. Since SEP participated in the preparation of the submission made by LEPC, it will not be submitting a separate parallel objection.

However, SEP would highlight certain concerns expressed in the LEPC submission, first with respect to process: the Call for Sites; the lack of an economic analysis to support the plan; the lack of a Masterplan; and the lack of detail available for the Reg 18 Consultation.

SEP also opposes the inclusion of Easton Park on the grounds of its proximity to Stansted Airport and Great Dunmow; the resultant risk of urban sprawl; the limited access; and the excessive burden placed on local infrastructure, notably the M11 Junction 8 interchange.

SEP particularly highlights the loss of heritage that would result from the Easton Park development which would lead to the destruction of one of the great parks of Essex, one that remains in the same form as it has been for hundreds of years and which provides a rare and precious asset for future generations.

SEP believes that the Land Securities proposal as set out in its response of May 2015 to the UDC Call for Sites demonstrates a blatant disregard for Garden City Principles and a clear intention to sell on to house builders in such a way that UDC will lose the ability to capitalise on land value increases and to control the development.

SEP believes that the Plan is poorly conceived and inadequately researched and, with respect to Easton Park, over-influenced by Land Securities and Manchester Airport Group. It is also concerned that UDC have failed to provide an audit trail on the SHMA figures, failed to take account of the future probable availability of Carver Barracks and did not provide staff to answer questions at its exhibition of the Easton Park proposal in Great Dunmow.

These various concerns leave the uncomfortable impression that UDC is seeking to force a flawed solution onto its unsuspecting electorate.

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