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Stop Easton Park


By Stop Easton Park
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Dear SEP Supporter,

We’re attaching a flyer (click here for flyer) regarding Stone Hall, an historic asset sited in Easton Park. Stone Hall has a rich history dating back to the 14th century and is now threatened to be subsumed by the proposed new town at Easton Park.

Stone Hall and its land is currently for sale via a sealed bids auction with all submitted bids opened for consideration on Friday 15th November. SEP is supportive of retaining all historical assets at Easton Park and, due to the imminent sale, some committee members have focused effort on saving Stone Hall for the local community and not to be lost within a large scale development, IF that development were to be approved.

AT THIS STAGE we are seeking 'expressions of interest’ (i.e. without commitment) in order to raise funds to buy Stone Hall and restore it solely for the benefit of the local community. We hope you will be curious to want to know more.

We cannot answer all questions you may have in this brief communication so we encourage you reply to this e-mail stating your interest AND/OR come along to Little Easton Manor on Sunday 3rd November between 2:00pm and 4:00pm where, without obligation, you can meet people who will be able to tell you more about Stone Hall and how you could become a part owner of this important historical asset.

Note: The action to save Stone Hall  is separate to the continued fund-raising activities of Stop Easton Park where all committee members continue to concentrate on the shortcomings of UDC's Draft Local Plan and its adverse impact on Easton Park. 

Thank you for your kind attention.

Members of the SEP Save Stone Hall sub-committee

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