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Stop Easton Park


By Stop Easton Park
Saturday, March 7, 2020

Take Back Control


We are fast approaching two months since the Inspectors letter was received decrying the Local Plan. Yet from UDC there has been near total silence. Residents have asked us what is happening. We know little more than you do. Undoubtedly there is on-going discussion at District HQ and we do know that external planning consultants have been brought in. But wouldn’t it be a welcome change from the past to get regular updates from the decision-makers in our district? After all, the local plan affects ALL of us - not just the Officers, Executive and Members of UDC. We don’t want to know all the tedious detail. But summarised progress against the action plan (you do have an action plan, don’t you, UDC?) would be welcomed and would help to build bridges between the Council and residents. After all, to date £millions of OUR money has been wasted on the Local Plan so more than a few bridges have been broken…

We ask the Councillors to start taking back control. The government-appointed independent Inspectors were very clear in their letter that starting a new plan was the best way forward. They were also clear that the proposals for all three Garden Communities are flawed and unsound and had significant concerns about ALL the proposals. We say GC speculators are trying to pave over our community for their own wealth, not for residents well-being.

Take back control UDC and produce a plan that serves existing residents and new residents best by building affordable and sustainable houses in the right places to benefit everybody who simply wants to live and continue to live in a glorious part of the country.

Rape Field Easton Park

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