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Stop Easton Park


SAY NO to Easton Park

UPDATE No 15 – 23 July 2018 


Last week we circulated advice on how to respond to Uttlesford District Council’s revised Local Plan. Thanks to GDTC, we are now circulating a simplified approach.

Linked here is a form which when completed can be either posted to UDC at the address highlighted at the bottom of the form or emailed to them at

Also linked here is a list of possible arguments that might be used as to why the Plan is not sustainable with respect to Easton Park.

The deadline for receipt of ‘representations’ is 5.00pm on Monday 13 August.

Please note that representations will be published on the UDC website giving the name of the party in question.

This is NOT a done deal

Residents should take comfort from the independent Inspectors letter of 8 June in respect of the North Essex Garden Communities proposal for developments at West of Braintree, West Tey and East of Colchester for up to 43,000 houses.  The letter is highly critical and demonstrates the important role played by the Inspector.

The Regulation 19 Pre-submission Local Plan

The full plan is available at

A simplified introduction is also available at:- However, this should be treated with some caution since it paints a rather favourable picture which is not necessarily supported by the detailed wording of stated policies in the Plan.

LEPC and GDTC meetings

The meetings organised last week by LEPC and GDTC held were well attended and demonstrated the strength of feeling that the Easton Park proposal would be highly detrimental to Little Easton, Great Dunmow and other neighbouring villages as well as destroying a much loved amenity facility.

Please see below to join the mailing list and for a membership/donation form, you can contact us by Email on and you can also like and share our Facebook Page also found below - many thanks. We are starting to use Twitter so if you are on there please connect with us and standby to retweet!

These proposals will have a major impact on the town of Great Dunmow as well as the surrounding villages.


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In the beginning...

Since its formation, SEP has gathered momentum and looks set to continue to do so. Whilst we still face a struggle against the odds that will be drawn-out, expensive and time consuming, a really solid base for the campaign has been built:-

  • We have two excellent and complementary submissions by GDTC and LEPC refined by their legal advisers that highlight the weaknesses and contradictions of the draft Plan. In covering all aspects from urban sprawl to land value capture, these submissions lay the ground for the next stages where the lawyers and consultants will play an increasing role.
  • These submissions are supported by excellent reports from consultants on heritage and landscape. Together these demonstrate irrefutably what is at stake both in Easton Park and its surroundings in terms of heritage, setting and environment and lays to rest the idea that Easton Park is no more than a conveniently placed disused airfield.
  • A further consultants’ report on noise supports the inadvisability of building a major new town so close to a major airport.

You will have added to this base with your many considered objections which are key to getting recognition for the cause and for which we are most grateful.

Please do look around this website for more information, particularly THE THREAT and do please get involved as much as you can to make your voice heard.

19TH JUNE 2018
UDC votes to go ahead with plan for 3 new towns in Uttlesford

However the vote was split 23 for and 13 against and at the Council Meeting evidence was heard that the West of Braintree inspector is putting their new town plan on hold.


JUST NOW Great Dunmow Town has approximately 3,500 homes. With approved planning and major growth within the town proposed in this Local Plan, it will bring the area to approximately 7,000 houses. Add the 10,000 New Town promised and you can imagine quality of life here will be completely DEVASTATED.  Houses are being built. Most of which are too expensive for local people to own.  There are brown field sites that need to be investigated.  Little Easton sits within prime agricultural land.  Read some submissions to UDC here.

Wake up Dunmow. We need to mobilise!

We need to object to this destruction of a most beautiful part of the Region.   We need to write to our local authority lodging our objection, copy to our MP and join us here. SSo we can work together and have our say. Once the consultation has started, we will give you full details of HOW YOU CAN HAVE YOUR SAY.

In the meantime - read more and see how the voting was split here >>

Look our for press releases, mailings and newsletters, ways to support events and raise funds, make your views known and please join SEP in this fight.