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Stop Easton Park


Welcome to the SEP website.

We are a group of residents in the Little Easton area and were originally formed to campaign against the 2017 Uttlesford local plan proposal to build a new town of 10,000 homes on the site of the historic Easton Park.

Easton Park Panaroma

SEP have always believed that Easton Park is not a sustainable location for new housing – whether 10,000 dwellings or any smaller number – and campaigned strongly against the proposals throughout the local plan process and at the public hearings in 2019.

In January 2020, the government appointed planning inspectors published their findings from the hearings with the outcome that they found the local plan to be unsound and a recommendation that it should be withdrawn. Following a peer review by Local Government Association consultants which reached the same conclusions, UDC resolved to withdraw the plan in April 2020.

SEP welcomes the decision of UDC by an overwhelming majority to withdraw the local plan that has caused such concern to residents over the past three years, as too the commitment to involve residents in creating a new plan.

Equally, SEP believes that the need for large open spaces accessible by the general public has also been demonstrated, notably by the current plight of Hatfield Forest due to overuse resulting from house building in the area and the resultant analysis submitted to the Hearings which proves that Uttlesford is surprisingly, and alarmingly, short of such open space. Over recent weeks the Coronavirus crisis has highlighted, in a stark way, the value of large open spaces where people can safely enjoy the countryside and nature as well as benefitting from improved mental well-being.

Easton Park was declared a Nature Reserve in 1937 by the Countess of Warwick and by an agreement signed in 1939 development is limited to a maximum of ten dwellings. This agreement remains in place and gives UDC the power to block any further development proposals.

Following withdrawal of the Plan, SEP will be campaigning for the restoration of Easton Park under the headline of RESTORE EASTON PARK – 10,000 trees not 10,000 houses. Our campaign will focus on repairing the damage inflicted on the Park in World War II when 10,000 trees were detonated to build an airfield.

SEP will campaign for:

a) the restoration of the avenues of trees that were a defining feature of the Park to cater for walking and provide a carbon offset;

b) the building of tracks round the perimeter to cater for running, cycling and horse riding, with additional trees;

c) the retention of significant agriculture;

d) the reservation of areas for wildlife; and the provision of facilities for sports.

This, we believe, would provide an essential facility for both current and future generations

We are currently in the process of refreshing our website in line with our revised campaign objectives. Our new website will be launched shortly. In the meantime, feel free to look around this website to see the history of the campaign so far and if you want to know more or to get involved in the campaign, please subscribe to our mailing list below or contact us at

Skynner Engraving




The former mansion of Easton Lodge, set within Easton Park. This bird’s-eye view Skynner engraving of 1756 shows the earlier house within the setting of the grounds of the historic Easton Park.

The engraving shows the free-standing trees in the extensive areas of wood pasture set out as a “Patte DoieD’oie” (Goose Foot) formation.

“The destruction of Easton Park to make an airfield, while no doubt important for the war effort, must nevertheless be seen as the saddest loss to the historic environment of Essex during that conflict, indeed probably the worst loss since the grubbing of Hainault Forest in the mid 19th century.”  (JM Hunter, Essex Archaeology and History).

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