10,000 Trees not 10,000 houses


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SEP encourages local residents to interrogate candidates and establish their position on Easton Park
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Reality Check

SEP is not political and is not backing any particular party but we feel we needed to undertake a reality check of some of the ...
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Previous SEP Mail Updates

Below are links to the previous updates sent to SEP email subscribers. To read the contents of an individual newsletter just click the relevant link. ...
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1200 houses – what would be lost

You may want to view this video. It may be the last time you see this particular open space if Landsec’s LEHQ 1200 appeal succeeds. ...
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Briefing Doc for Councillors

The new draft Local Plan is scheduled to be published in April next year. Key decisions will be taken in the next few weeks. In ...
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Information for new supporters

SEP attended the Countess of Warwick Show 2021 We are able to continue to raise local awareness and gave new supporters the following information The ...
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