10,000 Trees not 10,000 houses


Briefing Doc for Councillors

The new draft Local Plan is scheduled to be published in April next year. Key decisions will be taken in the next few weeks. In anticipation, SEP has circulated to all UDC Councillors and key members of the UDC Executive a Briefing Paper designed as a summary of key facts relevant to the assessment of Easton Park as a site for an Environmental and Heritage Flagship for the District.

We have also produced these two videos to help people’s understanding of the potential which we commend to your attention:-

What can you do?

We would encourage you to read the above briefing doc and extract arguments that you might submit to Councillors. We draw your attention to section 8 of the Briefing Paper where we expand our concept from a restored park to a biodiversity ring surrounding the park set in a Nature Recovery Network from Hatfield Forest to Thaxted to reflect the Great Forest of Essex that once stretched from Epping to Thaxted of which Epping Forest and Hatfield Forest are the most significant, though by no means the only, remaining components.

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