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Gardens of Easton Park one of UK’s Best Gardens to Explore

Stop Easton Park (SEP) are very pleased to note that The Guardian newspaper rated the Gardens of Easton Park as one of ten UK’s Best Gardens to Explore. We know that those who volunteer at the gardens put in a lot of hard work to not only restore the gardens back to their former glory but also to maintain them. This is no mean feat with thousands of visitors every year and we congratulate our fellow volunteer members of the community for the recognition bestowed on them by The Guardian.

The Gardens of Easton Lodge are an enviable significant heritage asset. But important as they are, the setting that the gardens are located in is equally important. The surrounding area of Easton Park, being part open-space and woodlands, is tranquil and resplendent in flora and fauna. The loss of all or any part of that area to housing development in order to meet a questionable target housing number would be a travesty. The local community and, increasingly, national environmental bodies are recognising the importance of Easton Park’s asset of open-space and heritage for all of us ,and the wildlife we live with, to enjoy.

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