10,000 Trees not 10,000 houses


New speculative development affecting Little Easton

SEP was formed over four years ago to challenge the premise of historic Easton Park (forming a major part of the Parish of Little Easton) being lost forever by proposals in the then local plan to build 10,000 houses on the park.

As you subsequently know, that local plan was rejected by government appointed inspectors, withdrawn by UDC and work on a new local plan is now in progress. As our last formal communication stated (Update 59 dated 30th April) we will continue to challenge housing development on Easton Park and highlight alternate uses that will be more beneficial to the public, especially given the increased focus on the advantages of open space.

Meantime a consequence of the withdrawn plan has been an increase in speculative building development applications in Uttlesford District. Little Easton is not excepted and is now faced with the threat of 44 houses, three self-build plots and three ‘commercial units’ on land behind The Stag public house and abutting the picturesque Chelmer River Valley. If this application succeeds then the village of Little Easton with few social facilities and a limited road infrastructure will be changed forever.

SEP’s focus is very much on the UDC’s local plan and will remain so but as so many SEP supporters live in and around Little Easton, we cannot ignore this new threat to the village.

We therefore encourage all our supporters, especially if you are familiar with Little Easton, to view the planning application (ref: UTT/21/1495/FUL) which can be found at:

if you wish to make a comment then please submit your views on-line via the “Make a comment’ button. Note that UDC will not process separate e-mails.

The closing date for making comments is 4th June.


There have been a few queries raised as to the most appropriate way to submit a comment on the above application. In particular, many people do not have an on-line UDC Planning Portal account and are therefore not given the option to submit a comment. The following instructions should help:

A. UDC would prefer you to submit comments via their Planning Portal but to do that you must
first register:

  1. Go to
  2. In the ‘Enter a keyword…’ box type the reference ‘UTT/21/1495/FUL’
  3. On the next screen you need to click either ‘Login’ or ‘Register’ depending upon whether you already have a login account. If registering you will be asked for your name, e-mail address and a password. We suggest choosing a password solely for this site. You will then receive an e-mail requesting confirmation that you wish to register this account.
  4. Depending on the browser you’re using, you may have to re-enter the reference again or even go back a couple of pages but once you’re registered and logged in the comment button will always appear.
  5. Note that if you are using a mobile phone to view the planning application, Login or Register will appear if you press the ‘hamburger’ menu key (three horizontal bars) on the left towards the top of the screen.

You can submit your comments via post. But make sure that you post your letter to arrive before the closing deadline for comments of 4th June. This should be sent to Uttlesford District Council Planning Dept., London Road, Saffron Walden, CB11 4ER. Include the reference and your name & address with your comments.

C. Finally, and exceptionally, you can send an e-mail. We are assured this will be accepted for now but for reasons of efficiency this will be increasingly discouraged. The e-mail address is Once again, you must include the reference of the application you are commenting on plus your name & address.

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