10,000 Trees not 10,000 houses


Proposed development of 1200 homes on land East of Highwood Quarry

Land East of High Wood Quarry 1,200 homes. New application details UTT/ UTT/21/1708/OP

1200 homes highwood quarry map

Outline planning application with the details of external access committed. Appearance, landscaping, layout (including internal access), scale reserved for later determination. Follow this link to UDC website to see and comment on the application (if link does not work simply go to UDC website > Planning and enter the reference in the search box)

Great Dunmow Town Council (GDTC) has prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) about this development (updated May 2021). GDTC strongly objects to the planning application and the FAQs page will be updated when more information is available.

This is the thin end of the wedge, if this proposal gets approved it will be more difficult to defend against the proposal for another 10,000 homes adjacent to this one which will surely follow.
If, like many, you are vehemently opposed to this development then please post your comment on the portal.

To the west side of Great Dunmow alone there are currently some 2000 additional homes which, are either in progress or, have been granted planning approval and therefore ready to start. These developments would increase the population by some 4500 people, an increase of around 45%. That’s without considering developments within other parts of the town. This proposal for 1200 homes would raise that number further to well over 70% which would swamp this historic market town. The 148 hectares in question would increase the developed area of Great Dunmow by some 40% which is unsustainable.

This proposal would remove any real buffer between Great Dunmow and Little Easton resulting in urban sprawl where Little Easton and Great Dunmow would become one.

Stop Easton Park will also be preparing our own objection to the application and will shortly Email our supporters with salient points you may wish to include in your own responses – we would urge all supporters of SEP to oppose this application. (EDIT 10.06.21 SEE SEP EMAIL BELOW)

Previous update on the matter

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